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How to make fashionable beach bag

Do not want to make a summer beach bag, and the bag simulating model by Dolce & Gabbana. If you find the same plastic, and can be exactly potorit model. To work you will need: plastic, cutter, ruler, punch, thread for binding, scissors, twine, marker. cutting plastic (pattern in inches) all linkable edge prolot Hook […]

Frame for embroidery

For the manufacture of frames I needed cover from the box, linen twine and glue gun. Before you get started, the surface box processed alcohol, trying to remove all the stains. The protruding part of the box is a window future framework for the rest of the projection to the end of the fill twine. […]

How to make origami lotus

As I promised a micron. For one, we need a lotus 108 pcs. wipes. Turn 1) to fold the napkin diagonally to get a triangle here. Stroke 2) triangle fold in half, as shown in the photo. Here’s what happened. Turn 3) add up the napkin edges to the center, as in the photo. Progress […]

How to make ribbon flower

  Good day, dear master and mistress !!!))) Today, once again I want to give you the combined production of the petal of 1.2 cm wide and 0.6 cm strips on the example “Strawberries and cream”. Petal is simple to manufacture and do not take your time.     For us you will need: – […]