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How to make box for jewelry

fit many available materials for the manufacture of boxes with their own hands: plastic containers, jars out of cotton sticks, coffee, cream, and even bamboo napkin. All these seemingly unnecessary items can decorate and turn into an original and very necessary bagatelle. Cute box for storing jewelry can be done fairly quickly from a bamboo […]

How To Make Paper Vase

I do not know how it’s called. Cover or not? But something interesnoe. such cover can be made of any crockery bowl. This class will make a paper vase from a paper. A great option for cottage or office. We will need: paper boxes or cardboard, glue, brush, acrylic, compass, pencil, scissors, plastic bottles. Draw […]

How to sew a simple backpack

This simple backpack can make in 30 minutes or less. Sewn easily handle even the novice. What if you make a backpack with your child? Children will enjoy, because in less than an hour they will have a great backpack for the right things to the same linked with his own hands! You need to […]