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How to sew a purse

We need: Washable Kraft paper; Cotton fabric for lining; Two buttons; Equipment for installation of buttons; Stationery glue; Clay Moment; Clamps; Disappearing chalk; Decorative items for decoration. Cut out the pattern. Since one of the parts does not fit on one sheet of A4 glue of its two components. Pattern main parts ready.     […]

Made blinds using Newspaper

Luxury shutters can make the most of the newspaper tubes To produce it took me 170 newspaper tubes Duct prepare as usual screwed, painted in white acrylic paint. I took facade acrylic paint, water-resistant it is, and adds PVA 3 parts paint – 1 part PVA ( “by eye”). You can then covered with acrylic […]

Quilling wonder balls

To make the flower bases need about 3-sided sheet of coloured paper (I use coloured office paper) format A 4, cut into strips of a width of 0.5 cm. Length 21 cm (ie, on the short side of A 4 paper) On a toothpick with a forked tip cheat strips so as to obtain a […]

How to make organizer

I want to share your creation, and the use of tubes stockpiled from the hardware store. Cut blanks of different lengths, so I cut up with a hacksaw, the edges were not very accurate, so I had not much work cloth. The result you can see in the photo. Treat the inside, I used just […]