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Carton box to make at home

Box of things can look like anything. We bring to your attention one more version of the product for the storage of various items. Compact boxes will allow you to store it anywhere in the house. What you need to create your own hands Plain cardboard box (ideally – with high sides); Fabric for decoration; […]

How to Make Paper Peonies

Here’s what you’ll need: Colored paper for the petals and the stamen (for this project we picked red and peach), A4 cardstock , scissors, glue, tape, a pencil, and hot glue (not pictured). Instructions: 1. Cut out each petal and base shape from the printed template. 2. Fold the red paper into four equal sections […]

How to make Peacock of nylon

Peacock -different color pieces of nylon (we sell kits) ..Wire, different diameters, objects to cheat on them wire, glue. First, twisted wire, wrapped with a cloth. Gives wire shape of a bird, made legs, twisted foil newspapers and two ovals for the head. That’s how it looks spread-eagled. Attach the tail, again wrapped with strips […]