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Curtains made of plastic bottles

Hello, dear readers! Water in plastic bottles for many of us has become part of life, and that if the application thereby find the bottle? For example, to make interesting curtains, transparent room dividers or curtains for an outdoor gazebo ?! In today’s review will consider two types of curtains from plastic bottles! Curtains made […]

Make A Beautiful Yarn hyacinths

Materials and tools: Yarn (yarn, acrylic, sewing, etc.) Wire beading wire for springs Floral tape (you can do without it, the green yarn – a wonderful replacement) Spokes (the thicker, the better ) Extreme loop fixed on the wire floral tape (or green line) and continue to twist the wire 3-4 cm Getting manufacturing leaves. […]

How To Make Pompom Rug

it will take some of your time to do it completely, but be sure that it is gonna be a fun activity for all members of your family. It does not seem particularly hard to make colorful pompoms that why i belive you’ll manage it fast. Pom-pom ring, Scissors, Crochet hook, Yarn in different colors, Non-skid rug […]