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How to make rug for kids


How to make rug for kids: In the network there are a few examples. The mat is designed for babies from birth to … It is convenient to lie down and twisted in all directions. Petals bright, attracts attention and stimulates locomotor activity. I need it to lay the child on his stomach on the floor and are not afraid to leave it for a short time. From the first there was a precedent – flew out of bed. So Praskovya told me that learned to roll =)
Each petal is sewn developing element: squeaker, rattle, shurshalka, brenchalka. To create this bright flower essential pieces of fabric, filler (I sintepon), toys, rattles and 5-6 hours of free time. The dimensions of my articles: bench-circle of 70 cm, the petals of approximately 20 x 15 cm.


Cut two circles. One 70 cm, 71 cm second.
Cut the petals. The most difficult – is to guess the size, then to sew all the petals without spaces or, on the contrary, deposits. I try a mathematical method – considered by the formula length of circumference of a circle, and is divided into the desired number of petals. But I did not consider allowances for seams petals, and the calculation was not correct. Therefore, several times just dabbed petals ready for harvesting, vymeryat. As a result, two petals plus a final number of mathematical method.


Petals of cross-linking, leave open the bottom, then to fill with toys and synthetic padding.

Checking the amount laid out in a circle of 70 cm. Petals I got 19 pieces.

When everything fits together, we begin to fill the petals. We have four rattles, four rubber toy with squeaker, four boxes of Kinder and beads with different content (beads, metal beads) and four rustling in his own way the package. Three empty petals, they have – error estimates

Toys wrapped in sintepon to tab has been voluminous, and that when stepping on him, God forbid the child did not turn up.
I sutured filled with petals.
Now petals laid out inside the circle and have fun watching all the needles.
At this stage fit only 18 finished the petals = (Minus one …
I sew
Flips product seam up, cut out a circle of 69 cm syntepon. Sintepon save away, close circle of 71 cm and a tack needles.
Cross-linking, leaving an opening for syntepon, vdevayu sintepon, close the hole.


Needles fix the fabric and padding polyester, sews another circle in the middle of the circle and at 2 cm from the edge to sintepon certainly not lost during washing and maintenance.You can only leave the circle in the middle or stitched somehow different, though squares, strips though – it’s like someone like that.
We have happily lie. Elder looking tweeter, and the youngest just in the spotlight! In this photo are no second stitching around the edge.
Perhaps I have not all turned out gently, this is my first article on the machine. Maybe something I do not quite right, not on technology. Do not judge strictly
courtesy: stranamasterov