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    Beautiful and easy free hand rangoli (5,304)
    Beautiful and easy free hand rangoli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD7AMhh2rrk

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    Best way to Organize our Kitchen (4,997)
    Heat the knife. By using gas stove.. First cut into half (shown in picture) then draw flower and cut with sharp blade or cutter…be careful while doing cutting. Or u can do flowers with clay and paste in the corner to give embossed look…

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    Dewali tea light holders made using defective CDs, (3,754)
    CDs, Kundan stones Paste Kundan / stones or any leftover laces, rings, etc using glue start outlining the space between stones using Sparkle Glitter Fix a readymade Tea Light holder in the centre (I purchased this metallic one for rs 20 per piece).

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    How to make butterfly from waste CD (2,566)

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    How to make decorative lamp from newspaper tube (2,041)
    1. Dip the thread in Favicol. 2. Wrappe the thread on balloon . 3. Let it dry for 24 hrs. 4. Remove the balloon out of thread boll. 5. Insert balloon inside thread boll and blow up. Thia will give stable shape to thread boll. Inflate balloons of different sizes (head, torso, arms). Each bead […]

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    Curtains made of plastic bottles (1,970)
    Hello, dear readers! Water in plastic bottles for many of us has become part of life, and that if the application thereby find the bottle? For example, to make interesting curtains, transparent room dividers or curtains for an outdoor gazebo ?! In today’s review will consider two types of curtains from plastic bottles! Curtains made […]

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    Quilling wonder balls (1,923)
    To make the flower bases need about 3-sided sheet of coloured paper (I use coloured office paper) format A 4, cut into strips of a width of 0.5 cm. Length 21 cm (ie, on the short side of A 4 paper) On a toothpick with a forked tip cheat strips so as to obtain a […]

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    Using Old CD and Small magnet-panels as a gift (1,793)
      So, we need to work: – CD-ROM, – tape width of 0.6 cm – 1.2 cm width tape, – tape width of 5 cm – ribbons for decoration, – beads (polubusinki or stamens) – scissors – glue – needle and thread . And of course, remember the good mood, because we make a gift […]

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    How to make origami fish (1,778)
    This might be my favorite project we’ve collected here. These beautiful paper fish are a little challenge to make, but the payoff is wonderful.

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    Diwali diya decoration (1,742)